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The Begrudgingly Yours sessions have begun tracking drums with Johnny Kelly from Type O Negative/Danzig . The band played shows in Boston and New Jersey and also filmed a video for a song just before that!
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New Acoustic solo Joshua Craig of The Alien Blakk music being recorded now! All solo shredding acoustic Latin meets Jazz feel with some Classical and much more!

New book entitled, “Shredding Acoustic Guitar” is now available world wide thru Alfred Publishing on Amazon, Ebay and book stores globally. If you would like a copy of the book/CD set signed by, Joshua, E Mail Tune2lowB@aol.com and we’ll get one out to you for $25.00 USD free shipping world-wide!

THE ALIEN BLAKK, the group led by guitarist/producer Joshua Craig, now have both releases from the group available digitally. A direct link to the i tunes page where both releases are available are -cut and paste or click on the link below-


“Bekoming” was released on April 6, 2010 via retail outlets and is a 13 track CD with guest appearances from many well known metal figures (as listed below).

“Bekoming” track listing:

1 Bekoming (feat. voiceover by Mark Hamill)
2 Erased (feat. Donnie Hamby Of Double Drive)
3 Hate Me (w/ Eric A K Of Flotsam & Jetsam)
4 I Tried You (feat. David Ellefson Ex Megadeth)
5 The Path (feat. Deron Miller Of CKY)
6 Runnin’ Down A Dream
7 Jigsaw (feat. Kevin Talley of Daath)
8 A Question
9 A Lie
10 Psychadehlia
11 The Quickening
12 Snowblind (w/ Eric A.K. & Craig Nielsen of Flotsam & Jetsam)(feat. a duet with Joshua & A.K.)
13 Ann

“Modes Of Alienation” was previousley available as a European only release and is a 10 track instrumental CD.

“Modes Of Alienation” track listing:

1 Replihate
2 For Max
3 Sol Amente
4 Twin Twang Twung
5 A Question
6 The Thing
7 In The Name Of
8 The Audition
9 Self
10 Black Art

Digital Tracks can be purchased individually for .99 cents each or collectively for $9.99 each on itunes.

Samples of all songs from both releases are available as well.

A new Joshua Craig acoustic solo CD is currently being written and recorded and should be available soon.

Joshua Craig has continually affirmed his stance in the upper echelon of contemporary super guitarists while working on an Indie and International level with accolades that include his work with Xzibit, Motograter, Christina Aguilera, Coolio, Mark Hamill as well as members of Fear Factory, Testament, KISS, White Zombie, CKY, Flotsam & Jetsam, Soulfly, Fight, Methods Of Mayhem, Daath, Death and Cypress Hill to name a few. Equally attention-grabbing are Joshua’s incendiary chops, technique and personality on the guitar.

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Producer/Frontman for THE ALIEN BLAKK Joshua Craig, has announced the release date for the new offering from THE ALIEN BLAKK, entitled “Bekoming” as April 6, 2010 for retail outlets in the North American territory.

Craig, commented on the extremely long delay of the new release saying, “I was signed to Black Lotus records, which went under. then, I was signed to Rotten Records and I bought the contract back due to many aspects, including but not limited to the fact that I missed a few deadlines and I ended up spending so much time and money in the studio working on newer music (Bekoming), that the label let me buy my contract back. I put in an extra thirty five or so thousand on top of my advance, which was no where near my advance figure. Oh yeah, before that, the originally intended drummer for the record and I were going to try to give this music a go, then went from Instrumental to vocally based. So, the direction and time line also got shifted, as did events in both of our lives.

Originally when the writing began for Bekoming, I was actually working with, get ready for this one,…the Brian “Head”  Welch camp. I had my own room in the recording studio where he was recording his solo effort, with my wall of guitars set up, pictures of friends and family hanging up in my room at that studio, my new signature guitar by Paul Reed Smith all ready to go, the whole situation seemed promicing at that point in time. I was working with Tony Levin, jammin with Steve Gadd and a bunch of cool musicians etc. I later felt, what I thought I wanted, had nothing to do with that projects objectives. I then disengaged from that situation. I was supposed to sign a recording deal for The Alien Blakk, but that label was a bit unclear of their intentions and I ended up not having any desire to work with that label. I was then offered a book deal, so I got a bit side tracked and wrote a book. -More on that later. but the book will be released before the cd (check the buy page on this site!).

Fast forward to a year later, when I was done recording and re recorded some parts. I recorded newer tracks and paid for an Alien tour of the U. S., just to try out the new music.In the end, I had the record mixed in a country where I was unable to attend the mixing sessions due to my book deadline commitments. I did all mix approvals thru e mail. Also, the mix engineer then got so much other work, my revised mixes took quite a while longer than I had originally perceived. Then (getting winded yet?!), by the time the music was done, it was just recently that I even began to shop this. I got 3 or 4 solid offers and of coarse, in the United States, you will be able to get it through this web site.

To wrap all of this up, you can also go to i tunes if you may like. If you may like a hard copy of the disc signed, it will be thru this web site for now!