From his prolific solo work as a Producer, Writer, Video Game Music Composer and Author, to his prominent memberships in many influential groups, Joshua Craig has displayed one of the most fiery creative personas of our time and has continually affirmed his stance in the upper echelon of contemporary super guitarists. Equally attention-grabbing as his incendiary chops, Joshua’s stage show and visual presence remain unique among the rock field. Joshua Craig originally hailing from Brockton, Massachusetts and currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Since 1997, Joshua has been a top call session musician in Los Angeles, California, performing on a collective more than 43 million albums sold as a sideman/session performer.

In 2007 Joshua moved to Arizona and has been Producing new acts and doing sessions globally from his home studio facility. Joshua also decided to begin his career as a Frontman/Songwriter/Producer when he moved. Enter “The Alien Blakk”.

The second recording by “The Alien Blakk”, entitled “Bekoming”, celebrates this unparalleled artist’s achievements in sonic sound and agressive approach equally, that he has come to be known for. “Bekoming”, truly is a must own cd for the contemporary rock, metal and guitar enthusiast. The debut offering, “Modes Of Alienation” is a go-to for instrumental experimentation and is hailed a modern offering in the lines of Buckethead or Frank Zappa.

The third album for the Alien Blakk began pre-production drum tracking late 2016 with Johnny Kelly (Danzig/Type O Negative) on drums.

Having worked with the likes of Rob Halford, DMC, Coolio, Xzibit, Motograter, Christina Aguilera, Dr. Dre as well as members of Type O Negative, Fear Factory, Testament, KISS, White Zombie, Whitesnake, CKY, Flotsam & Jetsam, Earshot, Adema, Soulfly, Murderdolls, Fight, Methods Of Mayhem, Stuck Mojo, Halford, Double Drive, Powerman 5000, Death and Cypress Hill to name a few, Joshua enlisted David Ellefson and Craig Nielsen for the recording sessions for, “The Alien Blakk”.

History est. 2002

“The Alien Blakk”, recorded a demo, which became a European release under Black Lotus Records. Black Lotus, went out of business the week that “The Alien Blakk” release entitled “Modes Of Alienation”, became available. As stated in the contract for “The Alien BLakk”, “in case of an Act Of G’d or said company filing bankruptcy, all Master recordings would revert back to Joshua”. -The Masters to the original release and any other release options, have reverted back to Joshua in perpetuity. A very special version of “Modes Of Alienation”, has been re-released the very same day as “Bekoming”.

“Bekoming”, the second offering from “The Alien Blakk”, taking almost 2 1/2 years to compose and 6 months to record. As there was no label or time limitation, the group rediscovered music in a spiritual and personally reflective sence. The new direction soon became a groundbreaking and cathartic direction for Joshua, especially in his own life. The band worked diligently to hone the new direction that will surely influence Metal Bands for the next generation.

All music by “The Alien Blakk”, is Produced, Written, Arranged and recorded by Joshua Craig. Special guest performers on the sophomore effort, “Bekoming”, are Mark Hamill (of Star Wars fame, doing a voice over), Deron Miller (CKY), Kevin Talley of Daath (ex-Chimaira), Donnie Hamby (Double Drive), David Ellefson (Megadeth) and Eric A K & Craig Nielsen (Flotsam & Jetsam).