News 5-10-2018 Update

May 2018

New Touring Line-Up to be announced soon…

New Interview with Johnny and Joshua…

Joshua has titled the follow up to, “Bekoming”, -”Begrudgingly Yours”. Some “Begrudgingly Yours” drum sessions have been tracked with Johnny Kelly from Danzig/Type O Negative.

Here is Joshua jamming wi friends from Mr. big, Quiet Riot and Madonnas band!

check out a guitar clinic performance of A Sabbath cover with John Kelly, here!…

The new original music Joshua has been working on for 6 years.

Heres a product video for you guitar heads…

Rehearsal footage of a new Acoustic Song, “Susan”…

This is a totally new solo acoustic band with new music and will be in the style of World/Latin/Mediterranean fused with shredding touring this year.

Here are clips of raw rehearsal footage for you to check out!


Says, Craig,…”I’ve taken a minute to write simpler music for this new band endeavor…harder songs seem to be easier to write, simpler takes a while.
It will be different but completely twisted in it’s own right. All Analog recording, Baritone Guitar and unique effects with Acoustic shredding and approach, when necessary ;)

THE ALIEN BLAKK live footage of the song SELF

Footage has surfaced from The Alien Blakk. Tour footage featuring some special guests from (former) Soulfly (drummer, Joe Nunez) doing a Black Sabbath cover of Snowblind

…as well as a Jimi Hendrix excerpt cover of All Along The Watchtower from a prior US tour with a bunch of Lead Guitar Solo Excerpts!

New book (with CD) entitled “Shredding Acoustic Guitar” is out thru Alfred Publishing and available everywhere!!

Free Video Guitar Lessons reposted with downloadable pdf sheets!

2012 past Guest Guitar Concert Appearances
January 25th- Gallup, NM- The Juggernaut
January 26th- Tempe, AZ- The Red Owl
January 27th- Riverside, CA- The Vibe
January 28th- Santa Ana, CA- Malone’s
Berklee College Of Music Guitar Clinic information:
Joshua Craig Podolsky: Metal Music and More
Tuesday, September 27, 2011, 1:00 p.m.
Cafe 939
939 Boylston Street
Boston MA 02115

cut and paste this link for guitar clinic information
THE ALIEN BLAKK: Albums Now Available Digitally!

THE ALIEN BLAKK announces both releases from the group are now available digitally!! A direct link to the i tunes page where both releases are available can be cut and pasted below!!

“Bekoming” and “Modes Of Alienation” cds are specially priced on this web site only! All orders made thru this web site will include the cd and book being autographed! Shipping now for both cds and the book/DVD/CD set, “Advanced Lead Guitar Concepts”!